A Letter From The Internet

Hi guys.

I just wanted to apologize for something right quick.

Zoë changed her domain from zoecullie.com to haikuambulance.com, isn’t that great consisting branding??

Anyway guys, I somehow forgot to communicate that properly through this series of tubes I have, to a site called Bloglovin’, which actually streams all of her posts!

But do not fear, the ever-clever Zoë figured out how to solve the problem and you can still follow her on bloglovin’.

You can either click the lady with the boobie in the sidebar, or- being the generous Internet that I am, you could just click this fine little hyperlink I’ve made.

Apologies as always for any and all inconveniences I cause,

The Internet


  1. Oh snap! And here I had just figured that out a few hours ago, when I realized that it was kind of weird that you hadn’t posted in like three weeks. Once I toddled over to the blog directly it all made sense – and now I’ve got loads of unread posts to enjoy! It’s like the internet equivalent of finding twenty bucks in an old pair of pants :)
    the other emily

  2. Internet (or Zoe) is smart–my bookmark changed without a glitch ;) thumbs up!

  3. It only took me about a week to catch on…I started missing you and you were winning all this stuff in the meantime. Tracked you down.

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