Because That’s How It Should Be

Eugene Mirman just stole my fucking heart.

And yeah, those eyes too.

The A/V club just published (today, mind you) an excellent interview with Eugene Mirman (you may recognize him as Gene from Bob’s Burgers and Eu/Gene from other things that he has been in as well).

I first and foremost suggest you read the interview, if you are one who enjoys the comedy.

If not, thanks for having no sense of humor, you juicebox.


There was a commenter who posted this:

Which in all honesty is a completely normal way to react to shit on the internet as a person who reacts to shit on the internet.

And as internet-shit-reacters do, they reacted:

What followed was truly one of the most beautiful moments in internet history (this week).



You know.

Just clearing the air…

Remember when I told you the A/V Club posted this today?

Is my mind the only blown one?

And just in case you tried to click the link that was on the screenshot (don’t worry, I knew you would), here’s where you can read his full response.

Just. Awesome.


  1. pretty awesome, indeed.

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