The Ones You Shouldn’t Hurt At All

Hello and holler.

It’s been a while since we spoke.

But don’t think I haven’t been missing this place like crazy.

I fucking miss hanging out with you guys.


But since then:

-Summer happened.

- I stayed a redhead.

- Lots of other stuff, too.

You would thank that I/we would have our shit together by now, but you would be sadly mistaken.

We moved, yes.

Unpacked, no.

It’s really quite distracting to be living downtown.

Why would you unpack when you could get:

- An Orange Julius

- Pho

- Tibetan and/or Western trinkets

- A free concert of the Music of Styx

- Harassed by street performers/magicians/homeless/drunk college people

- Rattlesnake Hot Dogs

- A horse and carriage ride

- Stuck people watching for hours

- Drunk at a new adult arcade

- A movie just like two blocks from your new apartment

- Slurpees and Taquitos from the 7-11 that is on the ground level of your building

- A Creme Puff as big as your ass

And really I could just go on for ages here.

There is quite a lot to eat and see and hear.

So, I thrifted this entire outfit in one sesh.

Well, the bag was on a separate occasion, but literally, everything that I will have on from morning till evening… one shot.

How weird would it be if I actually did wear my purse all day long at my desk..?


That’s nonsense.

Hello oversaturation!


Folks, let us take a moment and revel in her glory (both the lady and the necklace).

Merl, the amazing mastermind behind Clyde’s Rebirth seriously creates some of the best jewelry I done ever seen.

And she’s gorgeous.

And she’s hilarious.

I luff her and I hope she moves to Denver (hello, testing, Merl, do you hear me?).

And folks, please expect to see the Infinity Chain in nearly every post from this point forward.

Sam Edelman flats + Trousers + Blouse + Tribal Bangles + Tribal bag + Shades: Thrifted :: Hot pink bangles: Common Era

Ok, I realized that I definitely lied again.

The two pink bangles I bought at a regular store.

But those other guys, the tribal ones: thrifted.




  1. yup, fucking awesome. AS USUAL.
    I think merl should move to denver… from what i saw outside the airport windows…. it’s pretty… um brown. no but it sounds good, and cultural? im not sure thats the right word…. i would love to visit denver. especially now that you live above a 7-11.
    Im moving downtown *montreal that is* in 3 weeks and im pretty sure ill be too distracted (and boiling hot) to unpack till at least october.
    then YOU can visit ME.

  2. Oh, I know those tequitos in that 7-11 I believe you speak of. I know them all too well. My bff and I used to go get those after a night out at the Rio high on Margarita lovin and quoting that same part in Romy and Michelle (“I have the yuckiest taste in my mouth from those taquitos”) over and over again. Glad to see your back! I love this look on you. The orange top and trousers are great!

  3. Amazing outfit, that’s nearly all thrifted? Total win. I bow down to your thrifting powers. Sounds like you’re having a great time in your new place. I can’t wait to see pictures of how you will decorate. But take your time unpacking, I wouldn’t do it either. :D

  4. Sooo I must say I effing LOVE the hair, So cute on you!!

  5. Yep. I’m totally digging you as a redhead.

  6. Those pants are crazy awesome and I love your bangles!

  7. hi! missed seeing you around here. glad you’re still a redhead. it looks good on you. i’ll have to hop on over to the local 7-11…i’m pretty sure a pregnant lady like meself would love a few taquitos.

  8. I was admiring a rack of bolos at a thrift shop last week and thought of you, wondering if you were okay, hoping your move didn’t entice you to grow out of blogging. Thanks for that, you know, not growing up, just growing in awesomeness (necklace?!?!?!?!)


  9. I’m a proud, proud [cat] mama. Look at how good that jewelry is looking on that elegant little neck of yours!! I threatened it with bodily harm if it didn’t behave itself in your presence.. or misbehaved if that’s what you were going for [wink wink, nudge nudge, air hump air hump] but seriously you made my freaking year with that purchase and im so happy that you’re so happy and that everything is right in the world of recycled one of a kind jewelry.

    I know I’ve been spastic in my emails of late.. and there’s a good reason, besides the fact that I”m a spastic person. I’ll explain more in an actual email, but just wanted to heads up ya that I will not be emergency visiting Denver.. but it will happen this summer. Chicago is going to be my temporary home until I can sort things out. But don’t worry, it has nothing that will keep me there past the fall..

    ps. blue valentine hurt my fucking heart. so raw.

    pss. i love you.

  10. Head to toe awesomeness. I must repeat this myself, but I will only be a shadow of your supreme coolness.

    It sounds like I’m sucking up, and I guess I probably am. You’re just that fucking badass.

  11. Ok, I love your style, I love this outfit. The color on you is perfect.

  12. that necklace is AMAZING! such an eye-catcher, and so delicate looking! love it!

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