What I Lost To Find This



Cool but sunny again.

Jeans again.

If you’re tired of it then speak to the manager.

I had a $10 shopping spree.

I bought this blouse.

This belt.

And the jacket/top I wore yesterday.

You didn’t see it.

But Patti La Belle made it.

True story.

The original tag was still dangling, reading:

“Let out the Patti in you”


It’s blue polyester with bell sleeves.

Epic, to say the least.

And here goes this blouse, proving my favorite thrift store rule:

Look in every size!

The tag on this reads 22W.

What that means, I have no idea.

But it was the trophy piece from my shopping spree.

Aughllll. The floral is just so killer. I love it.

I wore it around the house as a dress and will probably continue to do that every weekend until it disintegrates.

It’s a dream.

Pumps: DSW :: Jeans: Urban :: Blouse + Belt + Bustier + Shades: Thrifted

And I’m glad you all found David Thorne’s poster business as fucking hilarious as I did.

That’s like.. accidental-fart-inducing funny.

Hot tears funny.

I love it.

And there’s plenty more where that came from so I’ll give you another one soon.

So friends, with that I bid you all the most laughing till you crapingest, finding a treasure mapingest, watching Spinal Tapingest, popping bubble wrapingest, definitely not catching the clapingest weekends of your lives!



  1. Oh that blouse. That blouse. It is so gorgeous. Perfectly sheer and so feminine! You always find the best stuff when you’re completely broke.

  2. pretty pretty pretty!

  3. Oh, no, I thought looking in the X-sizes was MY trick. I can see wearing this around the house…without another stitch.

  4. Hi! You are amazing! Love you blog!

    Best wishes,

  5. just found your blog- its fabulous as is your styling/ this blouse.


  6. oh dang girl, that blouse is ‘mazing. could be worn millions of ways!

  7. You know.. I was excited about my news of a possible Denver trip, but seeing that blouse that will fit my larger than thou body makes it all the more appealing! Because you would gift it to me for visiting you right? I figured. Assuming can work in my favor.

    But seriously there’s a whole back story to the Denver thing that actually has me ‘auditioning’ it for a future home. You never told me the snow barely sticks AND it’s sunny all the fucking time. You could’ve had me there already missy. You will be receiving an email with said back story tomorrow when I’m not too busy re-watching Louis CK for the 3rd night in a row.

    Also.. can you figure out a way to rent your legs? that’d be greeaaaaaaatt. thanks.

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